21 Pro: Blackjack Multi-Hand App Reviews

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This app is one of the best Ive seen (and Ive seen a lot!). It is certainly the best to learn and master 21/blackjack and best of all its free! The sponsors are only shown while the dealer is shuffling and can be hidden with just a few clicks. Overall this app is definately worth having.


Très très bon jeu


The higher the bet the higher the chance to lose. With permanent insurance on each Black Jack the dealer will have roundabout 30% BJs, with permanent none-insurance 60%. Thats to "weird" for me.


Absoulety outstanding. Probably the best free app in the app store.


Great game, nice graphics, but like theappleking said, can you shorten the name? I hate how it gets cut off.

Love it!

Love the app. It is easy and works great. Love that its free.


very FUN and FREE, enjoy ;)

Wonderful application

Free and awesome graphics. Thank you! Thank you!

Does not work off-line such as on planes

Seems like a good game with nice graphics but the ad pop ups are very annoying. Plus, it will not play when you are disconnected from the WiFi or phone network such as when on a plane where this is not allowed. It tries to connect to its host site frequently during play and especially at startup, thus preventing its play. As it is always connecting to its host site, I suspect it may be transferring your personal data to it. I have uninstalled it just in case.

Nice but adsponsored.

Nice apps, but need Internet for ads. I would prefer to pay not free. DELETED.

21 is Awsome

This is a sweet game it tells you how to count cards. I got 10 000$ in 30 minutes.

Fun Game

Nice app that runs smoothly with great graphics and features. Definately one that wont be getting buried in the never play section! Sep 19/08

really good game

i like this game, so fun and works fine after it crashed the first time. time waster! get it!!!

Best blackjack app out there

The best of the bunch hands down

Nice game

This is one of the best free blackjack games!! A must have!!


This game rules!!!

needs wifi

it would be a good game if i can open it. it wont open saying it needs wifi. this is the biggest issue of all since i cant play it


Nice job runs smooth all around great game!!!!!

Awsome, as long as...

Really, great awsome game, as long as you have Internet access. Otherwise it simply wont work.


This app is fun!!!

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